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8400-8400 series Safety Relief Vapor Valve
8400-8400 series Safety Relief Vapor Valve

8400 Series

The 8400 Series Vapor Valve provides pressure relief in applications where hazardous vapors are to be piped away. The Vapor Valve is a non-ASME code valve, and specifically addresses low-pressure applications (below 15 PSIG). The valve uses a spring that directly opposes system pressure. A fully-guided, stainless steel disc senses the system pressure. If the system pressure ever reaches the valve’s determined set pressure, the disc will release from its seated position, venting system pressure.



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Connection Size: 1″-2″
Connection Type: Threaded
Body Style: Angled
Body Material: ASTM A216 WCC
Process Fluid: Vapor
Max. Working Pressure: Below 15 PSIG


Glycol Reboiler Safety Relief, BTEX Safety Relief, Tank Blanketing, and Vessel Safety Relief below 15 PSIG.

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