High quality U.S. manufactured valves designed to meet many options encountered in the oil and gas industry.
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MDI/MDIS Choke Valves
MDI/MDIS Choke Valves
MDI/MDIS Choke Valves
MDI/MDIS Choke Valves
MDI/MDIS Choke Valves
MDI/MDIS Choke Valves
MDI/MDIS Choke Valves
MDI/MDIS Choke Valves
MDI/MDIS Choke Valves

MDI/MDIS Series Choke Valves

MDI / MDIS Series Chokes are made with wear-resistant material to extend service life, with redundant O-Rings on the Bonnet Seals and Stem Seals that help prevent leakage. Fully Guided Stems reduce imbalance and vibration. Control Discs provide ANSI Class III/IV Shut off.



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Connection Size: 1″, 2″, 3″
Connection Type: Threaded, Flanged, Butt Weld
Body Style: Angled
Body Material: 1018/1020 CS, 316 SS
Process Fluid: Gas, Liquid, Steam

Body Rating: 1″ & 2″ – 5,000 PSI, 3″ – 3,000 PSI
CV Range: 1″ & 2″ – 0.7 – 23.86, 3″ – 11.2 – 84.65

Body Rating: 1″ & 2″ – 5,000 PSI, 3″ – 3,000 PSI
MAWP: 1333 PSI for Steam
CV Range: 1″ & 2″ – 0.7 – 23.86, 3″ – 11.2 – 84.65


Additional Benefits

  • Accurate Control – 90-degree rotation from Full Off to Full On.
  • Bolted Bonnet – Safety Bonnet is bolted into the body, it avoids the well-known risks of corrosion, cross-threading, galling of threaded type connection in production environments.
  • Extended Mean Time Between Service – Robust design and liberal application of hardened materials, efficient flow-geometry means the valves offer maximum production potential and minimum service requirements.
  • Easy Maintenance – Repair parts can be installed in the field without removing the valve from the line.



High-pressure drop applications in gas, liquid, and vapor. Quick open/close with abrasive fluids at high-pressure drops.

  • Well Site Automation
  • Blow Down and Dump Valve
  • Water Injection Control Valve
  • Remote Control for directional drilling
  • CO2 Injection Control Valve
  • Steam Injection
  • Pump Bypass
  • Steam Tracer Control
  • Pump Startup
  • Manual and Automated Application
  • Gas Lift Injection Control
  • High-Temperature Protection

Actuator Options

This Choke can be fitted with actuator options to provide accurate pressure relief performance.



Optional Features

Choke Valves can have trims and actuators custom-designed for specific requirements. Such as special noise reduction trims, reduced port, and maximum orifice trims, and for very high pressure or minimum pressure loss for a declining field.

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