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Model A ESV Isolation Relief Valve Operatoin Chart
Model A ESV Isolation Relief Valve
Model A ESV Isolation Relief Valve Operatoin Chart

Model A ESV Isolation Valve

The Model A is an angle body valve that holds a bubble-tight, open position until flowing pressure acting on the unbalanced stem area puts an axial force on the pin. At set point, the pin buckles and the valve closes for a bubble-tight seal. In case of a downstream line break, the mass velocity impinging on the lower piston surface will force the pin to buckle and the valve will seal closed. Unlike conventional valves and rupture discs, the Model “A” proves it is environmentally friendly by keeping you from flaring production or venting production to the atmosphere.


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  • Set Pressure: 40 – 500 Psi (For other set pressures, contact Taylor Valve.)
  • Accuracy: + / – 5%
  • Connections: Standard 2″ NPT and custom connections available.
  • Seals: Available for high & low temperatures, Viton standard.
  • Standard Materials: Carbon steel body, stainless-steel trim is standard, other materials optional.

Download brochure for complete details on the features, advantages, and benefits of the Model A ESV Isolation Valve valve.

NOTE: Taylor Valve reserves the right to change product designs and specifications without notice.


The Model A Isolation valve keeps well pressure from exceeding D.O.T. transmission limits and protects the meter run from excess pressure. It is part of our line of pressure isolation valves is primarily used to prevent damage to downstream equipment including meter houses and line transitions.

Valve Options

Valve Options: Sensors

Sensor Option

Valves can be equipped with a sensor option that allows for remote monitoring of the valves status.

Valve Options: Pin Holder

Pin Holder

Pin holders are a great way to keep replacement pins ready to go right on the valve for when you need them

Valve Options: Safety Pin Cage

Safety Pin Cage

Add a safety pin cage to protect against foreign objects from interfering with the operation of the pin.

Valve Options: Flush Port

Flush Port

Add a flush port to add the ability to clean out the inside of the valve.

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