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Model H Specialty Valve Operation chart
Model H Specialty Valve
Model H Specialty Valve Operation chart

Model H High Pressure

The Model H is best in Methanol and Chemical Injection Systems and is available for pressure set points up to 16,500 PSI. The product is an angle valve that holds a bubble-tight, closed position until the pressure reaches an exact point, at which time the valve will open within milliseconds creating minimal exposure of the flow to the piston. The Model H is unaffected by pulsating pressure or changing ambient temperate at the pin. This valve is best suited for high pressures with low volume applications.


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  • Set Pressure: 3,500 – 16,500 Psi
  • Accuracy: + / – 5%
  • Connections: Standard and custom available.
  • Seals: Available for high pressures, Kalrez or Viton seals.
  • Standard Materials: Body 316 SS, 316 SS trim is standard.

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NOTE: Taylor Valve reserves the right to change product designs and specifications without notice.


The Model H valve is used mainly in Methanol and Chemical Injection Systems. It is the ideal substitute for rupture discs or belville washer-type relief valves. It can also be used nearly anywhere conventional relief valves and rupture discs are currently being used especially in a high-pressure situation.

Valve Options

Valve Options: Sensors

Sensor Option

Valves can be equipped with a sensor option that allows for remote monitoring of the valves status.

Valve Options: Pin Holder

Pin Holder

Pin holders are a great way to keep replacement pins ready to go right on the valve for when you need them

Valve Options: Safety Pin Cage

Safety Pin Cage

Add a safety pin cage to protect against foreign objects from interfering with the operation of the pin.

Valve Options: Flush Port

Flush Port

Add a flush port to add the ability to clean out the inside of the valve.

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