8400 Vapor Valve

8400 Series Vapor Valve

8400 Series – Vapor Valve

The 8400 Series Vapor Valve provides pressure relief in applications where hazardous vapors are to be piped away. The Vapor Valve is a non-ASME code valve, and specifically addresses low-pressure applications (below 15 PSIG). The valve uses a spring which directly opposes system pressure. A fully-guided, stainless steel disc senses the system pressure. If the system pressure ever reaches the valve’s determined set pressure, the disc will release from its seated position, venting system pressure.
Connection Size: 1″-2″
Connection Type: Threaded
Body Style: Angled
Body Material: ASTM A216 WCC
Process Fluid: Vapor
Max. Working Pressure: Below 15 PSIG
Glycol Reboiler Safety Relief, BTEX Safety Relief, Tank Blanketing, and Vessel Safety Relief below 15 PSIG.
8400 Series Vapor Valve Cutaway

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