Taylor Valve's 1900 BV pressure Relief Valve

Taylor Valve’s 1900 BV pressure Relief Valve

The 19BV is an economic, direct spring operated, soft-seated, balanced valve incorporating balanced disc and cage guided assembly creating optimal performance in both liquid and air service where built up or superimposed backpressure could be an issue.

The seat at the inlet orifice, and the area of the o-ring guided disc
in the cage are equal. The disc/cage assembly uses a plastic bubble tight seat at the inlet nozzle for upstream pressures and an o-ring guided disc in the cage as the balanced seal for downstream backpressure. The vented to atmosphere upper body allows
the valve’s balanced disc/cage assembly to remain fully functional
in superimposed backpressure conditions having little to no effect on set pressure.

A cost savings answer to the high-end bellows valves,
in a simple and reliable design.

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