MDA – MDI Chokes, “work horses” of the Taylor Valve line.

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Product Updates

Our MDA - MDI choke valve product line is a top “workhorse” in the line of high-quality valves. It is one of our customer’s favorites because of its many features.


MDA - MDI choke valve featured benefits

  • Accurate Control: 90-degree rotation from Full Off to Full On.
  • Bolted Bonnet: Safety Bonnet is bolted into the body. It avoids the well-known risks of corrosion, cross-threading, and galling of threaded type connection in production environments.
  • Extended Mean Time Between Service: Robust design and liberal application of hardened materials. Efficient flow geometry means the valves offer maximum production potential and minimum service requirements.
  • Easy Maintenance: Install repair parts in the field without removing the valve from the line.
  • Optional Features: Choke Valves can have trims and actuators custom-designed for specific requirements. Such as special noise reduction trims, reduced port, and maximum orifice trims, and for very high pressure or minimum pressure loss for a declining field.


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