9300 Modulating Pilot Valve

9300 Modulating Pilot Valve

9300 Series – Modulating Pilot

The 9300 Series Modulating Safety Valve with the non-flowing pilot provides highly reliable system overpressure protection. The 9300 is available with effective orifice areas of 0.128 through 45.664 inch, valve inlet sizes 1-inch through 8-inch, set pressures from 15 to 3,705 psig (1 to 260 barg). Continuous service temperatures from -50°F to +450°F.
Easily Adjusted
Adjustable set pressure is accurate and dependable. Adjustable blowdown is external, which reduces time and cost consuming expenditures of valve removal. System downtime is also greatly reduced.

Maintenance Cost Is Cut
With a replaceable soft seat, expensive parts and time consuming lapping of metal seats are no longer necessary.

ASME Section VIII Code Stamp
Used for air, gas and vapor service, the capacity is assured by an independent third party, the ASME National Board Laboratory in Columbus, Ohio.

Increased Output of System
The valve can be set within 5% of system operating pressure allowing the process to be maintained at close tolerance without valve leakage. This results in greater process system output.

Dirty Service
The pilot is a non-flowing design which minimizes the entry of dirt and accumulation of hydrates. Most of the contaminates will be removed in the coalescing filter upstream of the pilot. The cartridge type filter is standard on all Taylor Pilots and finishes the gas before it enters the pilot cavity.

Pilot is Mounted Vertically
Consistent set pressure and blowdown is assured compared to horizontally mounted pilots which are erratic.

  • Orifice Nozzles. The orifice size may be changed by replacing a single component. There are multiple orifice sizes for each nominal body size.
  • Built-in Field Test Port. Provides the ability to accurately verify the set pressure with the valve in place and in service.
  • Durable, Rugged Mounting of Pilot. Extra rigid mounting against the body protects the pilot from system vibration.
This valve can be used for air, gas, vapor, and most mixed phase services.
9300 Modulating Pilot Valve Cutaway

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