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Model DG Pressure Relief Valve Operations Chart
Model DG Pressure Relief Valve
Model DG Pressure Relief Valve Operations Chart

Model DG

The Model DG is an inline valve that holds a bubble-tight, closed position until pressure reaches an exact set point. At set point, the pin buckles and the valve instantly opens to relieve pressure from a protected system.


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  • Set Pressure: 5 – 2,000 PsiAccuracy: + / – 5%
  • Connections: Standard and custom available.
  • Seals: Available for high & low temperatures, Viton standard.
  • Standard Materials: Stainless-steel body with stainless-steel trim is standard, other exotic materials optional.

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NOTE: Taylor Valve reserves the right to change product designs and specifications without notice.


The Model DG valve provides safety for a variety of pressure relief applications including but not limited to: Oil and Gas Production, Pipeline, Well Drilling, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Waste Water Processing, Pharmaceutical Processing, Pulp and Paper Plants, and anywhere that conventional relief valves and rupture discs are used.

Valve Options

Valve Options: Sensors

Sensor Option

Valves can be equipped with a sensor option that allows for remote monitoring of the valves status.

Valve Options: Pin Holder

Pin Holder

Pin holders are a great way to keep replacement pins ready to go right on the valve for when you need them

Valve Options: Safety Pin Cage

Safety Pin Cage

Add a safety pin cage to protect against foreign objects from interfering with the operation of the pin.

Valve Options: Flush Port

Flush Port

Add a flush port to add the ability to clean out the inside of the valve.

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