In Memory of Julian Taylor

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Company News

Julian Steward Taylor, 93, died on December 7, 2020. He was born on October 9, 1927, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Mr. and Mrs. Julian and Lauretta (Heim) Taylor. In his youth, he supported himself by selling newspapers and would often reward himself with his favorite treat of hot fudge sundaes. By his young adulthood, he would regularly test the limits of his mortality by riding motorcycles, jumping a drawbridge in his car, flying an airplane, and learning how to parachute on his own. He would later serve in the Navy as a Radar Specialist. After the war, he enrolled at Purdue University where he would earn his Major in Physics and Master’s Degree in Engineering. His talents as an engineer landed him a position as a head engineer for his innovations in railroad cutting. He would then use his talents to start Taylor Tools, a trailblazing entity for valves in the oil and gas industry, that eventually gave rise to Rupture Pin Technology, Taylor Vaetrix, and businesses in several locations. His innovative ideas would cumulatively earn him over 100+ patents as he was lauded as one of Oklahoma’s most important inventors. Even in his advanced age he always maintained his adventurous spirit through motorcycle tours to Alaska, Nova Scotia, and Baja California, skydiving, hang gliding, racing sports cars, and traveling the world. At the end of his days, he never stopped working on new ideas and nourishing that inventive spirit in others through his Oklahoma Children’s Inventors program now in its 30th year.
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