Model JA ESV

Rupture Pin Model JA ESV Valve

Model JA ESV

The Model JA ESV is an inline valve that holds a bubble-tight, open position until flowing pressure acting on the unbalanced stem area puts an axial force on the pin. At set point, the pin buckles and the valve closes for a bubble-tight seal. This model isolates pressure to prevent downstream damage to equipment and proves it is environmentally friendly by eliminating air and ground pollution common with conventional relief valves.

Set Pressure: 25 – 2,000 Psi (For other set pressures, contact Taylor Valve.)
Accuracy: + / – 5%.
Connections: Flange rating 150#, 300# and 600# standard. Higher pressure available upon request.
Seals: Available for high & low temperatures, Viton standard.
Standard Materials: Carbon steel body with stainless-steel trim, other materials optional.

Download brochure for complete details on features, advantages and benefits of the Model JA valve.

NOTE: Taylor Valve reserves the right to change product designs and specifications without notice.

The Model J-A isolation valve closes at set pressure to prevent damage to downstream equipment from excess pressure including meter houses and line transitions.
Model JA Operation Chart

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