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A Reputation for Quality among
Digital Pressure Gauge Manufacturers

Vaetrix is one of the first manufacturers to pioneer the use of transducers in digital pressure gauges. During a time when dial gauges were the primary source for pressure monitoring, we have since converted many to using digital pressure gauges in order to better adapt to the changing environment of pressure monitoring. Ever since our first gauge (Gauge 1) was released in 1976, we have been constantly pursuing new technologies and processes to improve our products and services. From our Gauge 1, to our Pressure Analyzer (released in the early ‘80s), and Solar Gauge, we have since released new gauges to better fit the needs of our customers.

Our unique gauge design has become a staple among calibration centers throughout the U.S., where accuracy, dependability, and rugged construction are vitally important. In addition, pipeline inspectors that have used our gauges will agree that our digital pressure gauges are more accurate and portable than the deadweight testers they used to use for pressure monitoring. Our gauges, coupled with our 1600 Plugs & Probes, makes pressure monitoring out in the field more simple, fast, and cost-effective.

In addition to our gauges, we also offer superior recalibration and recertification services. While other calibration labs may value fast and cheap, we prefer to do a thorough and cost-effective recalibration and recertification process. By utilizing an 11 Point ISA 37.3 Calibration procedure, coupled with data and NIST Certification, your gauge will be returned to you with the same specifications as it did when you first received it, guaranteed. With our focus on a quality recalibration and recertification process, your digital pressure gauge will last longer, which will lower your costs long term.

Our over 30 years’ experience has gained us a reputation of being one of the best digital manufacturers throughout the world. If you’re in the market for a digital pressure gauge that is accurate, portable, and long lasting, then Vaetrix is sure to have the perfect gauge for you.


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